• Bring the outside in by turning your window into a garden space

    Bring the outside in by turning your window into a garden space

    Date : 28 Juin 2019 | Source : Ikea

    Summer. The season when you want to enjoy the beautiful green nature to the fullest. When there is very little or no outdoor space at home, it becomes more difficult to enjoy it. 

    Bring the outside inside your home with these all-season tricks to turn your window into a garden space :

    Harmonize your window sill
    Putting several pots on this space remains a must. Use terracotta pots for a simple, natural and economical style, or put pots of different styles to create a special and trendy charm. If you need to keep access to your window, place them in a small tray or wooden box to make them easily movable. Plant aromatic herbs or plants, it's a real pleasure for the nostrils when a breeze enters the house.

    Maximize verticality by multiplying suspensions
    Designing a garden window does not just mean placing flowers on the window sill. Maximize natural light throughout the height of your window. by just hanging suspensions on the ceiling or on your curtain rod. Position them at different heights by placing the hanging plants at the top. It will create a splendid greenery effect. 

    Need advice on the maintenance of chosen plants for your garden space? Read about it here (french only).

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