• Windows tested at -30 degrees Celcius

    Concerto, the window systems tested for air tightness, at -30 C as well as at room temperature.

    Why is it so important to determine the degree of air infiltration and exfiltration tightness level at -30°C?

    The reality is that during harsh Eastern Canada winters, the external air temperature ranges from 0°C to -30°C

    Regardless of the materials used,all windows undergo the same dimensional variations when exposed to such large temperature differences which can alter the products' air/water tightness, increase the energy consumption and the risk of condensation.

    Energy Saver Calculator


    High energy-efficient window products are an essential element of quality homes. These products will save money on your heating and cooling costs while keeping your home consistently comfortable.

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    The energy saving calculator evaluates it for you. Simply identify the location of the house and enter the parameters inherent to your home, and the calculator will give you an annual assessment of your savings as well as their environmental impacts.

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    The quality of our window and patio door systems subjected to our in-house certification programs is borne out through recognition by all the major standards associations, which attest to the superiority of ENERGI product performance. Complementary to our patio door products, you will find certification recognized by the following standards associations:

    PVC Advantages

    PVC is insensitive to climate change and offers excellent insulation quality.

    It contributes to sustainability of building and construction products and is 100% recyclable all through its life cycle.

    PVC requires almost no maintenance and is very resistant material.

    The transformation of PVC into profiles requires very little energy. Price is very competitive.

    Designed for performance and durability

    Designed for
    performance and durability

    • Frame rigidity and integrity
    • Temperature distribution controlled
      through structural components
    • Coefficients of thermal expansion
      of materials are suited for harsh
      climate conditions
    Energy Star

    The economics of energy
    efficiency puts the future
    in your pocket.

    Use our Energy Saver Calculator
    and find out for yourself.

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