• 7 Tips to Reduce your Heating Bills at Cheap Cost

    7 Tips to Reduce your Heating Bills at Cheap Cost

    Date : 29 Novembre 2019 | Source : Écohabitation

    Winter's huge energy bills can motivate more than one to look for ways to reduce heating costs, and at the same time improve its environmental footprint. Develop good habits early this season for greater savings. 

    Here are 7 tips you can do to reduce your heating bill at cheap cost:

    1. Put on a wool sweater and reduce the temperature of your house by one degree. You will see a difference of at least 5% on your heating costs.

    2. Replace your thermostats with electric thermostats, your heating bills will be reduced by 10%.

    3. Use good combustion technical to reduce pollutant emissions and prolonged your combustion.

    4. Avoid placing furniture in front of a heat source for better distribution of it.

    5. Let the sun come in the day, it will provide you with a lot of free energy.

    6. Seal your home for greater savings.

    7. Close your blinds or curtains at night to reduce energy losses.

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    To learn more about each tip, read the full article here. (French only)

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